Wood Siding

Wood siding is a common option to update the appearance of your building and shield it from the weather. Wood’s elegance and inherent beauty can beautify your building’s design in a stunning and sustainable way.

In North Carolina, wood is a very common building material for siding projects. Chapman’s Construction uses a variety of wood types and species that can give your building varied looks.

You can count on siding from tongue to groove that has crisp, straight lines thanks to our top-notch wood siding work. The greatest wood siding contractor in North Carolina can give your building a classic, rustic look.

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Why wood siding?

Wood is a lovely, sturdy, and affordable siding option for both residential and commercial buildings.

If you desire protection and beauty for your home remodeling project or new building, it is the best detailing choice.

Benefits of Wood Siding

According to each client’s project requirements, we install wood siding. You can choose from a variety of wood siding modification options that Chapman’s Construction offer.

The wood species, fire retardant treatment, size, grade, and profile are all up to you. In our on-site, cutting-edge coating lab, we can also paint your wood siding the color of your choice. This enables us to provide a durable, consistent wood siding finish.

Each type of wood has its own own color, pattern, and knot structure. You can pick from a wide range of wood choices to give your structure the warmth and personality you prefer.

The appeal of any building design in residential and commercial structures can be enhanced by the natural beauty of wood. We are able to install wood siding using a combination of vertical and horizontal board patterns.

Wood is a sustainable building material that is entirely renewable. Utilize wood siding to lessen your carbon effect on the environment. The best material for building siding that is safe for the environment is wood.

Out of all building materials, wood siding production has the lowest embodied energy. The production of wood siding does not include any carbon dioxide emissions. As a result, it has little impact on global warming.

Siding made of wood comes in a variety of patterns, forms, and dimensions. Chapman’s Construction provides a wide selection of solid and engineered boards for any type of wood siding installation, regardless of the form of your building.

We can come up with the ideal solution for the style you desire. You can rest assured that every board is carefully chosen and manually graded to a high standard of quality. We will procure the best-suited boards for your siding project.

Types of Wood Siding

Cypress – A long-lasting type of wood siding that resists decay and insects and has colors that resemble honey and interesting grain patterns. Old cypress wood is strong, solid, and fine-grained, making it exceedingly durable.

Redwood – A wood with a thick grain and rich crimson tones that ages red and gets darker.

Cedar – An all-wood siding product that is available in either a less expensive white wood grain or a more expensive, dense heartwood and can be stained, painted, or used alone. It has a rich personality that includes resistance to decay, insects, and wetness.

Fir – A wood species that takes stains and finishes well, has fine graining and an even, continuous hue, and is accessible in lengthy pieces.

Spruce – An affordable softwood species that is available in longer boards and is ideal for shiplap or clapboard siding jobs.

Pine – A plentiful, light-colored softwood with a honey-brown hue.

Engineered Wood – A composite wood siding made of wood fibers that have been coated in waxes, resins, and other materials and then heated to press the mixture into a wood-like texture.

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