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For commercial building and residential developments in central and eastern North Carolina, you need a new construction contractor with experience in everything from foundations to concrete work. Chapman’s Construction has years of experience, making us one of the most reputable new home builders in the area. In order to meet construction timelines and provide the finest level of service to our clients, we are aware that experience and dependability are essential.

Chapman’s Construction provides complete construction services to carry out any project from beginning to end. In addition to internal framing, roofing, and masonry, we also specialized in the installation and construction. From pouring foundations to framing roofs, we handle it all. No matter how many units you have, we have the tools and labor to get the job done.

New Construction Contractor Services

As new home builders, we are aware that creating a new subdivision involves skill, ingenuity, and the capacity to complete projects on time. While some businesses could allow delays to affect their timeline, we take pleasure in a history of meeting deadlines and delivering outcomes. We take the highest care and attention to every task – whether it involves sinking dozens of foundations for a large-scale new house construction or building your family’s dream home – because we are aware that the quality of new construction will have an impact on generations to come.

Commercial & Residential Construction Services

Some of the most significant repairs done to a home’s foundation can be in the concrete. We are aware of the need of a strong foundation for a house, and our team of new construction contractors will execute the work correctly. We promise that your location will be adequately cleaned up and excavated. Additionally, we are skilled at forming systems, assessing concrete, and installing suitable drainage components. Our concrete construction includes the installation of driveways, retaining walls, and foundation slabs.

We think that masonry is a skill that requires years of practice, regardless of whether we are using bricks, stone, or concrete to construct a structure. Chapman’s Construction  works with a wide range of materials and are familiar with the most recent developments in house construction materials. We can shape stone to meet any aesthetic, converting sidewalks and patios into real living areas. We offer masonry solutions for decks, steps, retention walls, and entryways.

A home’s frames provide structure and stability, thus they must be built quickly. Chapman’s Construction deals with a range of supports, including wood and steel frames, and specialize in heavy and light framing.

Our staff have experience building roof pitching for a variety of roof types, including Tile, Metal, and Shingle roofs. We employ a tailored strategy and provide experience and understanding, particularly with high-pitched roofs, which call for considerable skill. When choosing a new construction contractor, it’s crucial to pick a business like ours that can handle all of your roofing requirements, including the capacity to install pitched roofs that demand a more involved installation process and higher costs.

Chapman’s Construction has years of experience installing siding in homes and businesses. Siding enhances curb appeal and aids in preserving the structural integrity of your building. You have a variety of siding options to choose from, including Fiber Cement Siding and Vinyl Siding, depending on your specific requirements and aesthetic preferences.

The Chapman’s Construction crew specializes in high-quality window installation for new homes and businesses. Our skilled commercial window installers focus on understanding the demands of your company before working to meet your requirements, in addition to abiding by local building codes. We offer a wide range of commercial and residential window options, including glass, glazing, standard tint, high-performance tint, reflective coating, Low E coating, and window frames. These options can help to improve the aesthetics of your commercial complex or residential neighborhood while reducing energy costs.

Ground maintenance, patios, retaining walls, and other soil work can all benefit from our expertise in landscape design and execution. We offer trees and shrubs, water features, sprinkler systems, and trimming as part of our landscape and design solutions. Our staff specializes in a range of earthworks construction, whether you need high-quality landscape design for a seamless residential look or need to excavate land to boost curb appeal.

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