Hardwood Flooring Installation

Wood flooring has several advantages for a room, including a warm, natural, timeless appearance and charm, decades of endurance, and a surface that can be restored. You have the opportunity to express your personal style thanks to the numerous alternatives for hardwood, which include a surprising array of colors, textures, and widths that Chapman’s Construction can install.

Hardwood flooring is customizable and can be put in practically anywhere. Hardwood flooring enhances the market value that buyers and homeowners prize in addition to providing you an unique design and cozy feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chapman’s Construction a hardwood flooring installer near me?

Chapman’s Construction serves the Youngsville, Wake Forest, Louisburg, Bunn, Oxford, and other areas surrounding

Why install Hardwoods flooring over carpet or laminate flooring?

Both carpet and laminate flooring have advantages as options for flooring. Carpet and laminate are often cheaper and preferred for commercial use compared to hardwood. However, hardwood flooring is increasingly frequently used in homes for a variety of reasons:

The ease and speed with which hardwood floors may be cleaned in comparison to carpet is one factor in the popularity of wood flooring for homes. Installing hardwood flooring is a popular choice for showcasing your home’s inherent beauty. Hardwood floors not only have a beautiful appearance when utilized as flooring, but they can also endure plenty of wear and tear with proper maintenance. The typical lifespans of carpet and laminate are not nearly as long as those of wood floors. Hardwood is the most popular flooring option to increase a space’s value for all of these reasons and more.

Can I install hardwood floors with pets in my house?

Even while wood floors are sturdy, especially when properly finished, they are still susceptible to scratches. This is not always a terrible thing. Wood floors’ natural wear and tear that accumulates over time is a big part of their appeal. As a result, the boards have a more genuine appearance and feel than synthetic floor materials can achieve. Having said that, if you’re worried about scratches, you can reduce them by using mats and rugs and by keeping your pet’s nails short. Remember, any scratches you notice are probably in the finish rather than the wood itself. If necessary, you can fix these dings and refinish your hardwood floors.

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